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Shirley's New Family
Shirley's New Family

By the looks I would say she is in heaven!

Shirley was blessed to find a great home with a great family in Portland Oregon July 1st of 2017.  Shirley has a big brother named Duke and a young but active human Mom and Dad.  Congratulations Lacey and Trevor.


Koa Kane

Meet Brian and Pam with their new kid Koa Kane.  Pam and Brian raised their human children as well as a gaggle of Basset Hounds in the Pacific Northwest.  Now, retired, childless and all furkids having passed over the rainbow bridge they were ready to adopt a new family member.  When Koa came available I knew they would be the perfect family for this adorable 8-month old AKC American Basset.  At 8-months old, Koa was the perfect age to forget the traumatic first couple of months of his life and get on learning what it was like to be a loved dog.  Brian, Pam and Koa also live near me, so I can on occasion pick him up and take him for a huge dune hike with my 8 bassets.  He is a great kid and he has found the PERFECT home.  



Screen shot 2018-07-28 at 9.48.38 PM.png
Screen shot 2018-07-28 at 10.03.12
Screen shot 2018-07-28 at 10.07.09

With Great excitement with announce the adoption of sweet long lashed Bara to a loving home in Washington State. This family is incredible, the PERFECT fit for our Bara. The family consists of Mom, Dad, 2 little human boys, a boy dog and girl basset, AND a grandma who lives next door! There is a connecting gate between the two yards, so the dogs can meander back and forth! How cute is that! Bara has a wonderfully big house to roam and an enchanting yard with fountain where she can cool off in the heat. TRULY this was the perfect fit. Bara as lived her
whole life in a rather LARGER pack and every dog deserves a little small pack time. The family loves her and as you can see from this photo threw her a princess party with all home baked dog goodies as a welcome to the fold. This is what we hope for all our rehomed dogs. We are so thankful to Stephane, Mark, Luke, Jack, Henry and Gertie for welcoming Bara into their lovely family. God got it right on this time! Please keep us updated Stephanie.

winnie getting a lift from Uncle Jeff



Winifred Bray of Bellingham (Winnie) was placed in the loving family of Jeff and Mollie and their brood of William (human child) and Walter, Emily and Baily Grace (all basset hounds) today.Winnie spent the past 2-weeks adjusting to her new home before making it final and Winnie is like a new dog. She has found her people. And I might add the family found their dog. I believe each dog choose their family and this lovely family from Oregon certainly proved my point. It was love and adoration at first sight on all parties involved. Many will know Mollie from Facebook. She adores Basset Hounds and rescues them from traumatic situations. She purchased her first basset puppy from Houndful Hearts a year ago and a year later when she met Winnie, Now Winnie Rae, there was no stopping her from adding Winnie to her home. Technically Winnie belongs to Houndful Hearts and will continue to whelp babies for the next two years. Realistically, she belongs to Mollie. She lives, eats, plays, breathes and lives at Mollies home in a comfortable bed or on the couch and lays at Jeff’s and Mollies feet every night on the balcony watching the sunsets and being loved and pampered on. William their super smart super active and super-duper 11-year-old is Winnie’s go to person. It is William
and the neighborhood children who walk, love and dote on Winnie Rae every day. Every dog gets their moment in time to be top dog. Winnie certainly has found the loving home that she deserves. We miss her at the beach, but it was kinder to let Winnie live with Mollie. Winnie is happy and gives equal doses of happiness back. Thank you, Jeff and Mollie, William, Paul, Lillian, Walter and Emily for making Winnie a family member!


Tiara Bingotti (Winnie)


It was a big week for the Winne’s of Houndful hearts. Miss Winnie, Tiara Bingotti
went to live with her new family, Matt, Candace, their son Logan and Winne’s
older sister Tootsie in Oregon last weekend. This was a tough re homing. We
never thought we would re home Winnie, we believed that she would be in our
home until her last breath. Sometimes doing the right thing for the ones you love
so deeply brings such internal heartache. Our Winnie deserved a boy of her own.
We could not supply that for her. Along comes Logan and Winnie found her boy
and her happy place. Winnie is fitting in beautifully according to Matt and
Candace and the adoption has been great for Logan as well. Winnie has taken
over Logan’s bed and room and the two of them sit in Logan’s bedroom doing
whatever teen boys do on the PS4. Winnie has found happiness on this 20-acre
homestead and loves to follow Tootsie around the garden eating the strawberries
and trying to figure out what in the world the flying birds are doing that yell every
morning cock-a-doodle-doo! Matt and Candace are AMAZINGLY well adjusted,
happy, intelligent, giving and caring human beings. It was a PERFECT fit for our
darling Winnie Winnie Chicken Dinnie.







With Great excitement we announce the adoption of sweet Cookie to a loving home in Eastern Oregon. This family is grand, the PERFECT fit for Cookie. The family consists of Mom, Dad, 2 human older boys, 3-other dogs of various ages, AND a grandma and grandpa who lives on site! TRULY this was a perfect fit. The family does a lot of hiking and live on the river. It will be PERFECT for Cookie. The family already loves her. This is what we hope for, for all our rehomed dogs. God got it right this time for Cookie! It was a meant to be situation. Please keep us
updated on Cookie Eve!


"Delilah (Le Le)"


Our wonderful, beautiful and HUGE Lele went to live in Eugene with a wonderful couple and another basset.  Lele has some long-lasting problems of fear.  She fears EVERYTHING.  The couple who adopted her live at the end of a street with a trail head leading on a sedate walk.  Lele is incredibly happy laying on the front porch everyday with her older brother Lloyd watching the days roll on.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lele several times and she is indeed happy.  It was a PERFECT fit.

Screen shot 2018-11-22 at 12.47.05

Description of new home coming soon!! Currently under construction. Check back for updates.


The incredible hulk went to live with a family in Washington State.  Sargie had an incredible amount of medical issues, and unfortunately our sarge died of a heart attack shortly after being adopted.    It pains me every day, but I am so grateful that he had a FABULOSLY wonderful last 3-months of life.  There was no stress and on him and everyone loved him. He acquired quite the fan base in his short time in Washington.  He is sorely missed.

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 11.37.56


Re- Homed


Meet Sebastian.  This adorable 9-year old was surrendered to Houndful Hearts in the Summer of 2019.  We did not put him up for adoption since he came with the most severe case of separation anxiety we at Houndful Hearts have seen. We had serious doubts that we could find anyone that could understand his particular needs.  Along came Jason, owner of Camel Towing and Dune Extractor right here in our hometown of Florence. Jason is a Great human being and he loves dogs more than people.  He NEEDED a dog since his two adorable basset hounds died the previous year. Jason agreed to keep Sebby as a favor to me, since Sebby was not happy in a large dog family like mine.  Almost a year later and Sebby is now Jason’s BFF.  They go everywhere together, and Sebastian has never been healthier both physically and emotionally.  He has also become the “neighborhood” dog.  Jason lives out of town in a quiet place on the lake.  The homes are private and very few cars travel the neighborhood.  Sebby gets up every morning and takes himself off to visit the other dogs and humans in the cul-d-sac.  It is not unusual to find him sleeping on a living room couch or running the yard with the other dogs in the neighborhood.  Everyone loves him and he is becoming famous around town.  It was a PERFECT fit for both dog and human. This was TRULY a success story.



Screen shot 2018-10-24 at 12.39.40
Screen shot 2018-10-24 at 12.39.28
Screen shot 2018-10-24 at 12.42.58

Charlotte was adopted to the same family that adopted Sarge. This wonderful family is totally committed to raising this funny, sassy, full of personality and wrinkles favorite of Houndful Hearts. Charlotte, the older she got, it become apparent that she needed to be in an only dog home. And,
although we miss her every day, she is happy and loved and tended to as only a princess can be.

You can follow Charlotte on social media at: Facebook Big_yeasty




 Maggie was rehomed to a wonderful gentle home in Mt. Angel Oregon.  She was a delight to have in our home and she will Certainly be missed by all of us.  The family that adopted her has another Basset the same age as Maggie.  They both have found a wonderful new mom that adores not only gardening but her two girls.  A week after Maggie left us, the new family wrote the following:  Lillie (her other dog) and I are so grateful for you giving us Maggie.  I adore her and have no words for how I feel about Maggie's life before you got her.  My one aim is to make her last days as loving and happy as possible. We are blessed to have this opportunity to love on Maggie.



Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 9.17.55 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 9.21.15 AM.png

Gustifer Free (Gus, Angus, Gussie, One-eyed Pete) has finally found his forever home and is adjusting very well and seems happy. This mama can’t be happier that she could provide the love and calmness he needed for his duration on his earth. He deserves so much love. Beaverton Oregon is where we are now calling home. It’s a quiet neighborhood and others around are falling in love with him easily. He’s comfortable with his home and getting a routine down. We are both blessed and happy



Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 3.19.21 PM.png

Meet Peaches! Peaches is one of the Three Sisters rescued by Maggie and Kyla with Houndful Hearts. We thank Maggie and Kyla so much for rescuing these amazing sisters and placing Peaches with our family. Peaches now has a pack of five other Basset Hounds: Charlie, her fierce defender; Gilbert, her buddy in all things; Bella, the pack mama; Sherlock, her brother on wheels; and Millie, the oldest and pack queen who just wants everyone to lay down and be quiet.

Initially, Peaches would only eat from my hand. She then started eating from a bowl, but it had to be in a quiet place, and I had to stand by her while she ate. That all changed on the third day. She still gets excited about her meals just like the rest and eats right beside them.

We have had several firsts, which makes our hearts fill with joy. She had her first birthday party with pup cakes, went on her first camping trip, greets people and allows them to pet her without flinching, has thoroughly investigated the entire yard and drinks from the outside drinking fountain (which scared her at first), allows her daddy to blow raspberries on her belly, and has found her spot on our bed. We still have issues to work through, but her life will only get better and better from here. We will continue to be patient with her and allow her to become her best dog self.

We love this girl to the moon and back and are so thankful she is in our lives. Keep moving forward, Peaches. We are all right here for you sweet girl!




Boomer found his furever home with a lovely couple from Mt. Angles.  He is doing well, eating well and getting the love and support and stability he has longed for.  Including a sister basset to play with!



Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 1.26.06 PM.png

Abby, now known as Aggie went to live in Southern California with a WONDERFUL family, including a basset grandma, Hazel.  She is enjoying getting to know the inside of a house and loves sleeping curled up at the foot of the bed. The neighborhood is slowly meeting her as she is still very shy around people.  She loves laying on the patio while her Papa scratches her back and gives her lots of attention and treats.  Aggie will be welcoming in a new brother or sister in a couple of months as Matt and Bill are also purchasing one of Maggie’s and Pancakes puppies.  They are going to have their world turned upside down with slobber!



Subject: Happy 2nd Birthday to Aggie (Sept 2021)


What a difference a year makes! 


Today is Aggie's second birthday. I don't need to tell you what she was like when she first came home, because you experienced her in the first few weeks of her rescue. 


In the past year, Aggie has learned to be a dog. She is happy and comfortable in her home and with us. She appreciates attention and affection, and she loves giving both to us. She loves to play on her own and with Clementine. One of her favorite things is rolling around on her back while she makes little happy barking sounds. She used to do that away from us, and now she does it in front of us every day. She loves going for walks and car rides. When we are in the car, she LOVES looking at the scenery, and if a window is open, she LOVES to sniff the air. She would be the girl with her ears flapping in the wind if her dads were comfortable with that situation!  She is no longer a skinny "supermodel" thank goodness. It took a while for her to become a better eater, but now she is definitely not a skinny girl with her ribs showing. When we take her for walks, she still approaches other people with caution. She's better with people she knows and will give them a sniff from time to time. She is completely at ease with us. She's a little sentinel. She loves to bark when someone has the nerve to walk past our house, and if they have a dog, even better. She is very expressive and sensitive. She has human-like qualities. She is very intelligent. Between the calm start she had with Hazel, the stable environment we provide, and having her sister Clementine, Aggie is thriving. We couldn't be happier to have her in our pack. We love her very much. 


Today, we will celebrate with a little basset hound birthday party including treats and hats. Stay tuned for pictures!  


Best to you all,



"Sugar" (Mazzie)

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 1.27.47 PM.png

Description of new home coming soon!! Currently under construction. Check back for updates.

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