About Us

Kyla with Rescued American Bassets

Our bassets are a part of our family.  They are never confined to a kennel or living in a pen outdoors.  They sleep in our home.  Mealtimes and playtime are special “family times”.   Every day — rain or shine, we load up in the car and drive a mile to the beach to run and play in the sand and the sea.  There’s one thing you should know:  Basset Hounds are not natural swimmers.   They are like submarines.   They sink!  But, with a lot of patient re-enforcement, I have taught all my bassets to swim well enough to survive the occasional rough wave that hits our Oregon coast.   None of them is ever going to win an Olympic medal for their swimming ability, but each one can, and has, gotten themselves back to land without any help from me.


Whether at the beach or around home our bassets are well-mannered enough to be leash free.  However, bassets were bred to be hunting dogs, their hunting instincts and their sharp noses get the best of them and off they go! Although we have never lost a hound we never encourage anyone to walk their beloved hound without a halter (never, ever a neck collar) and leash. 


Unlike some breeds of dogs, the basset is an extremely social animal.  Each one loves to be a part of a pack.  They crave snuggling and playing with their pack which includes their humans. Bassets Hounds typically do not do well left alone without a pack member.  We encourage all Basset Hound Owners to have another dog, a cat or a human with the dog 90% of the time.  Left unattended and under- entertained, Basset Hounds will show their displeasure by being very naughty in the house or in the yard.


Kyla (that is her up above with some of our rescued American Bassets) and Maggie found that the Basset Hound was our breed of dog from the get-go.  Independent and sassy and so friendly!  Over the years, we have had up to 13 total in our home at once.  That is a HOUNDFULL!  We foster the Hound, clean them up, give any needed medical care, spay or neuter, rehabilitate them and adopt them back out to forever homes.  It’s been a wonderful life for us.  Kyla works 2 jobs as an R.N to support our need to rescue and after talking to several well-known breeders and getting addicted to their amazing passion we knew we had to also breed European Bassets to improve the breed overall.  We will continue to rescue bassets as the need arises.  If you would like to learn more about our amazing rescue stories go to our Facebook page Florence Houndful.


Temperament- European basset are mild mannered and laid back — a characteristic we seek in our breeding stock. We have never met a basset that does not love children.  We have never had a biter or a growler within our pack.  We have found bassets to be great playmates with small children.  But watch them if your toddler has any food in hand … your basset will think that food is meant to be shared!


Now the nitty-gritty:  Potty training. Your basset will not come to you potty trained.  This is a difficult lesson for a basset to learn (along with healing on a leash).  Do not give up.  Patience.  Love.  and rewarding with a treat will get the job done!

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