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Passion for Animals

Houndful Hearts works closely with several reputable breeders around the world. Together we work tirelessly to breed healthy and happy European Bassets with impeccable bloodlines and a lot of love!  Our approach in raising our European Bassets is a holistic one.  Our dogs are free of harmful drugs, synthetic chemicals, and toxins –all of which weaken their immune systems and make them susceptible to diseases and allergies.


Through careful research and AKC guidelines, we do everything within our power to improve the standard and integrity of the breed.  Temperament and breed conformation (short, straight legs and long leathery ears, rolls and rolls of thick heavy skin) and exemplary manners are all part of the impeccable pedigree our dogs possess here at Houndful Hearts. We are active members of and have been approved as
reputable breeders by Bred with Heart With AKC and the Good Dog breeder program for genetic testing.

 Basset Bash 2023 

Happy Holidays from our Happy Hounds!

2021 Puppies - Gorgeous!

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Note: Whittler is not the typical basset hound.  He is more like a rabbit, he loves to chase balls, leap in the air and run.  He runs about 4-miles a day.  He is not thin, that is ALL muscle.  He does not have an ounce of fat on him,  He is ridiculously fit.

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