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About Bassets

The Basset Hound is known for its long ears, droopy eyes, short legs and friendly disposition. The "Hush Puppy" trademark makes this breed iconic. They truly melt your heart with their sad solemn expression. Their loyal devoted demeanor makes this breed a family favorite. The character is written all over them! Originally from France, the Basset was bred for the hunt. They are the top in tracking due to their low to the ground nose and long ears which aids in picking up the scent. The word Basset is derived from "bas", meaning low. Even though they were bred for their hunting instincts, they are equally at home as a beloved companion. Not a frisky, hyper breed, but a calm sometimes lazy couch potato who just wants to please!



Height: 12-15 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 65-85 lbs. Euros weigh more!

Colors: Generally black, brown, white and tan,   red and white, mahogany and lemon.

Coat: Hard, smooth, short and dense. Our dogs have an unusual silky soft coat.   

Temperament: Independent, good-natured, sociable and gentle 

 Children: Yes, delightful pet to children

Special Skills: Hound and family pet, can be used to hunt rabbit, great trackers.

Watch Dog: Highly suspicious of strangers, but will want to lick them, will not bite.

Guard Dog: Low, tends to be very friendly

Activity: Indoors-low, outdoors-medium

Living Environment: Will do well in house or apartment as they are very sedentary indoors, but will enjoy outdoor activities

​If you are purchasing a puppy from us we recommend you  educate yourself before puppy arrives!

We highly recommend this information to be a successful puppy owner and eliminate potential problems from happening.

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