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Your Puppy is Home

It was so nice to meet you, and we are thrilled to have chosen the right family for the right puppy! We hope that you are having a good time with your puppy and that everything in your life, although upside down, will calm down in the coming weeks. 

Below are some helpful reminders of a few things because knowledge is power. We also want to see how your new puppy is doing. 

  1. Your puppy should be gaining 1.5 to 2.5 pounds every week. Your puppy should be eating 4 to 6 cups of food a day. 

  2. Your puppy should be slowing down on pooping and should begin to show signs of pooping 3 to 5 times a day rather than hourly. 

  3. Your puppy should be 85% proficient at peeing and pooping on the wee wee pad. You should begin to move the wee wee pad closer to the door you want your puppy to exit to go outside and potty. 

  4. Your current pack should be showing some kind of interest in your puppy. If your pack is ignoring your puppy, you may need to force the issue by overseeing forced playtime. It is irresponsible for a puppy owner not to have a puppy socialize with other dogs; preferably, with dogs within 2 years of your puppy's age. Although you cannot take your puppy to the dog park or puppy day care yet (not until a week after your puppy's fourth vaccine--about 17 weeks of age), your puppy NEEDS proper social and emotional development to socialize with other animals. As a human, it is also important that you teach your puppy NOW the importance of human touch, play, and rules. But NOTHING can replace the playtime of a dog with a dog. Find a friend or neighbor that also has a puppy or kitten and make a play date. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Dogs learn 90% about life, rules, and who they are within the first 16 weeks of life. We've given the puppy an awesome start for you. Having the puppy with us for the first 8 weeks was vital, now YOU must step up and allow your puppy to learn the remainder of those vital rules in the next 8 weeks. I know looking at your puppy and snuggling with your puppy is oh so wonderful and important, but it is not as important as allowing other dogs to teach, play, and interact with your puppy.

  5. We hope you are using the doTerra oils. The On Guard is your BEST FRIEND right now. For any other animal or human coming into your home, you must insist on having them spray their hands or in the case of another animal spray their paws. You don't want your puppy getting sick now. A puppy's immune system is too fragile to handle any outside bacteria or infection. You should also be defusing On-Guard and lavender or cedarwood 24/7 within the house. This will stop any virus or bacteria that creeps into the home! It's your best friend.

  6. Your puppy should now understand the word, "No!" Your puppy should come to you when you call his or her name and understand the importance of a treat when he or she does a good thing! Basset Hounds are food motivated. So, when your puppy does come, goes potty on the pad, or does any good thing, praise the puppy with the utmost excitement. We do not use the word "good" when your puppy does something good. For the rest of the puppy's life, people off the street will be saying, "Oh, what a good dog!" Then, your dog will expect a treat. We use the word "yes."  "Yes! Going potty on the pad!" 
    Yes, come!" After every "yes," your puppy should get a treat. Yes in our household means, good, cookie, awesome, tummy rub, etc. Your puppy should also know at this point where to get a drink of water, where his or her bed is, and when, where, and who feeds him or her.

  7. Your puppy should have experienced the "out of doors." Not all puppies take "to the outside" very well. So, if that is the case you will need to get creative. For example, a wagon ride, bike ride, or stuff your puppy in a pack and take him or her for a walk. Remember, do not allow your puppy to physically encounter any outside area unless it is your own yard. Car rides are great, but they do not make up for touching the pavement or grass. 

  8. Your puppy should be playing HARD and sleeping HARDER. Sleeping less and playing more weekly. Your puppy should be sleeping the entire night without getting you up. 

  9. Your puppy should be experiencing different treats. Such as whole, uncooked carrots (a mess, but they love them); large, peeled chunks of apple; green beans; strawberries; dried yams; and bananas are a favorite! 

  10. DO NOT ALLOW OUR PUPPY TO CHEW ON YOU! As soon as any teeth touch your skin, accident or on purpose, grab the puppy's snout together and holding one finger straight up in his or her face, say a harsh, "No!" This is very important if you have children in your home. 

  11. Keep your contacts handy. If there is ever an issue and the dog needs to be re-homed, given away, or sold, Houndful Hearts is your FIRST resource. YOUR CONTRACT does NOT allow you to rehome your dog to ANYONE except Houndful Hearts. This is for the life of the dog. We are fully committed for the dog's lifetime to take him or her back, NO questions asked. 

  12. Keep in mind that a puppy's bones do not fuse completely until about 6 to 8 months old. Be careful about picking him or her up in ruff (LOL) play.

  13. Your puppy's fecal culture came back. It was 100% awesome. 

  14.  We want to hear from you. Any good stories, bad stories, questions or concerns...we NEED and WANT to hear from you. We want to know how your puppy is maturing and getting along in life. Let us know when you send us an email response (click the button below). 

Many blessings and happiness to you in the coming months.

Margaret and Kyla

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