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Week 1 - 3 Weeks Old

About Homework

Hello, Puppy Parents! 

How exciting is it to be on the countdown toward a new family member? We are extremely excited to be welcoming you into our special family: Houndful Hearts! You will be getting homework just about every week, from now, until the puppies are ready to go home. Week 1 homework is simple, it's all reading. I am sending you the official contract, too. You will need to read it over VERY carefully; at Houndful Hearts, we take the contract very seriously, and I need to make sure you understand each point and have no questions.


We are here for your questions or concerns. Please don't hesitate to reply to the weekly parent email where all the puppy parents are listed. It's more than likely someone else in the group will also have the same question. 

When you have completed the homework for each week, click the button on the bottom of each page (Week 1 through Week 6) and send me an email that you have reviewed all the information provided. Communication for the next 7 weeks is vital! Each of these weekly buttons has the email SUBJECT set up so that I can more easily keep track of the information our new puppy parents have reviewed/completed. 

Homework will include purchasing your oils, NuVet, and learning how to feed your puppy. Houndful Hearts will not leave ANYTHING to chance. As long as you can keep up with the homework weekly, you should have no concerns once your puppy gets home. 

All the puppies are extremely healthy, sassy, and vigorous. we anticipate all of them living and thriving. HOWEVER, puppies are NOT viable until they are 4 weeks old. 

Again, welcome to Houndful Hearts, and we so look forward to working with each of you. 

Margaret and Kyla

Is a Basset Hound Right for Me?

Bassett Hounds differ from other dog breeds in that they are truly the last canine pack animal. Stubborn, not overly intelligent, and followers rather than leaders. Basset Hounds NEED another canine as a "life partner." The other canine does not need to be a basset hound, any canine within 5 years of age of the incoming new dog is perfect. Everything from potty training to walking on a leash is made much more difficult if you have a Basset as an only animal. 

Houndful Hearts will RARELY sell a puppy or adopt a Basset Hound under the age of 4 out to an only-animal home. For good reason, they get depressed. In the past 8 years of breeding, we have sold a puppy to an only-animal home 10 times. Six of the puppies have been returned to us within the first year. The owners state the puppy cries all the time, won't eat, won't stop chewing on their furniture or children, or the puppy has been sick and to the vet regularly. All these reasons can be cited because the puppy has no socialization with other dogs. It is other dogs who will tell the puppy, "Ouch! you're playing too hard! This is a potty door we go through to potty in the yard and not in the house. Those flowers are poison and will make you sick, eat this stick instead." 

If you get a puppy from Houndful Hearts, it has been raised in a large pack, of at least 10 other canines. Your puppy won't know what to do with himself or herself going off alone to your home. Basset Hounds are NOT people-pleasers, they are canine-pleasers. 

Most respectfully, 

Margaret and Kyla


You will receive your official contract (the last page) from Houndful Hearts when you pick up your puppy. The document below is a copy of the standard contract.


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