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Week 2 - 4 Weeks Old

NuVet, Transitioning, Feeding, Driving or Flying,

& Name of  Your Puppy

Are you getting excited to hold your puppy? They are so beautiful, snuggly, sweet, fat, playful, and healthy! 

A couple of things:

1) By this time, you should have already ordered your NuVet. IF NOT, please go to my website and place your order ( You do NOT need to bring NuVet with you when picking up your puppy, we will give you a 3-day supply to take with you. Puppies are currently getting into the powder, but they will eat the wafers as well. It tastes like chicken liver, a yummy treat. For a discount, order the 90-day supply.

2) For the puppy to transition smoothly from our home to yours, please take a small blanket or hand towel and rub it over all family members, pets, and maybe the floor or couch and send it to me for YOUR puppy. Of course, you can wait for another week to mail it since you have not selected your puppy yet. But you should be getting it ready to mail. Mail it to Houndful Hearts, 1026 10th Street, Florence, OR 97439. Be sure to write your puppy's name on the outside of the envelope. At week six, I will introduce the blanket and your smells to your puppy. The blanket will be returned to you along with a small blanket with Houndful Hearts smells. 

3) We feed Purina PRO Plan Puppy Chow FOR LARGE BREED PUPPIES along with Purina PRO Plan Chicken wet food (again, puppy wet food). We want your puppy to gain 2 to 5 pounds per week for the first 9 months and 1 to 3 pounds until the puppy is 18 months old. Your puppy should be able to have constant access to food. REMEMBER these are EUROPEAN BASSET HOUNDS. Regardless of what your vet says, these are squishy puppies/dogs, not lean, mean, running machines. We like ordering from Chewy because it is convenient for us. However, you can order from wherever you wish.  

JUNE 2023 UPDATE FOR Feeding Care of Your Puppy:
As with all things in life, puppy care is no exception in the rising costs. We like Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food for its fat content and overall “good middle of the road choice” for your puppy. However, the price of Purina Pro Plan has risen significantly in the past year. Also, it is extremely hard to find and get, even via Chewy. As such, we were forced to look around for another comparable choice. We have stated feeding the puppies Kirkland Brand Puppy Food, in the yellow bag. The mom’s and puppies are doing very well on it as long as it it soaked properly. The puppies will still need the toppers (cottage cheese, yogurt, shredded cheese, canned dog food, bananas, blueberries, other fruits and veggies, cooked hamburger, etc.). Whatever you choose to feed your puppy, make sure to slowly transition them to reduce diarrhea and vomiting. If you have any questions, as usual contact us via email.

4) Whether driving or flying you will NEED some sort of a laundry basket, crate, or pet carrier to safely get your puppy home. Let us know if you need us to supply you with one. 

5) Now is the time to let me know HOW you plan to pick up your puppy. We need to schedule everyone. 

6) Now is also the time to start thinking of WHAT puppy you want to choose and the name for your little one. We will begin immediately (at week 5) calling your puppy by the name you choose. So, when the puppy goes home, he or she will be one step ahead of the game. Again, all the puppies are perfect in all ways. TRULY, all the puppies are gorgeous! When picking, keep in mind your household members and what personality will fit best for your home. Think also of what you know of the puppies so far, not ALL the puppies will do well in an only-pet home...very few puppies will do well in an only-pet home, so choose wisely. 


We hope this information is helpful. Rember, you can FaceTime anytime and watch the weekly videos on Instagram under Kyla Andrewsmcnew or Houndful Hearts.  


Margaret. Kyla, and all the Hounds

Why NuVet?

As dog breeders, animal health is our top priority. That's why we enthusiastically recommend NuVet Plus. an immune system builder, and NuJoint Plus, a natural hip and joint supplement to all of our Houndful Hearts' families. Simply put...NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus are the best nutritional supplements available today. 

Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are using NuVet Plus to provide optimal health and a strong immune system. A robust immune system will protect your dog(s) from environmental and food toxins such as backyard pesticides, hormones, and toxic formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting. NuVet Plus also supports proper development as well as beautiful skin and coat.

This is NOT just a vitamin. It's an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids, and high-potency antioxidants. That's why it works so well through all three stages of a dog's life. 

  1. For puppies: Fills the immunity gap all puppies experience. Shortly after birth, maternal antibody effectiveness is greatly reduced. By 8 weeks, your puppy's immune system is at a vulnerable point. Once your puppy is in his or her new home, the immune system is weakened by the stress of adoption and exposure to novel bacteria and viruses in the environment. This is also when the vaccine series is started. Vaccines are most effective if the immune system can respond properly. Starting NuVet Plus is important to helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult.

  2. For dogs in their prime: Provides the necessary antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to sustain peak performance in the prime of their lives. 

  3. For older dogs: Helps provide the nutritional needs to live long, happy, and productive lives in their senior years. 

NuJoint Plus targets hip and joint function to provide maximum support for dogs of every age and breed. This natural hip and joint support supplement is manufactured in an FDA, human-registered laboratory with the highest quality human-grade ingredients. NuJoint Plus helps rebuild cartilage, keeps joints lubricated, and is safe for pets of all ages.

We highly recommend NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus to keep your puppy/dog on the path to perfect health! It's not available in stores and is available to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional. For your convenience, you can order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using our order code: 42660DB. You can also order online at using this same code and save an additional 15%. Make certain you never run out by choosing the "auto-ship" option at check out.

To the long life and health of our dog!

Margaret & Kyla

Houndful Hearts


Houndful Hearts is located in a rural, tourist town on the Central Oregon Coast. Eugene is the closest city to us. It is a beautiful, slow-going, single-lane highway, which is 50 miles and about a one-and-a-half-hour trip one way to the coast. UNLESS it has been raining heavily, then the road (126) at Cushman (about 10 miles east of Florence) floods and you need to wait for the low tide on the Siuslaw River before you can continue on to Florence [this is a rare occurrence].  VERY few airlines will fly directly to Eugene. Usually, there is a layover in Seattle or Portland. Both Portland and Seattle are nightmarish cities to drive through. The cities grew without the city planners counting on the million or so new bodies and cars moving in. It once took me 5 hours to drive 45 miles in Seattle. Portland is not much better. Once you leave Woodburn, driving south on the I-5 (from Portland), traffic moves along at a good speed. The Portland Airport is a 5-hour trip one way. On "Puppy Pick-Up Day," plan on it taking an hour to complete the paperwork. 

OPTION 1: Drive to Florence and pick up your puppy. Keep in mind the tide table and weather. You might exit at Roseburg and take the back roads through Elkton to Florence. It is about 20 minutes longer this way, but so beautiful, and it's a sure thing that you can drive up Highway 101 to Florence. Be sure to bring a basket or something to keep the puppy in while driving.

OPTION 2: You can fly into PDX or Eugene and rent a car and drive to Florence. Again, caution! See OPTION 1. The Best Western, just south of the bridge, is the only hotel in town that allows dogs. This information is FYI in case you are spending the night. Flying home can be a nightmare if you've never traveled with a puppy. You must use First-Class seating, as the puppy won't fit under the seat anywhere else on the plane. We like to fly Delta or Alaska; they have always been really good at allowing a puppy to sit on our laps under a cover. If you will be in the air longer than 3 hours, you should get a red-eye flight since that is the natural time for your puppy to be asleep. You will need plenty of wee-wee pads, two to three old sheets that you can throw away at the airport, toys, On-Guard spray, a couple of small towels, food and bowls, and bottled water. Your puppy must not touch the disgusting floor of the plane or the floor in the airport. You will need to put down a sheet so your puppy can get some play time, eat, drink, pee, and poop. Then, bundle the sheet with the "icky" and toss it in the nearest trash can. Pack for an infant, and bring a diaper bag. ALSO, your puppy will need to be placed in an airline-approved pet carrier. You can bring one with you, or we can supply you with one. The cost for the carrier is $50. 

NOTE: Many times we can arrange for all the puppy parents to meet in Portland, at the same time and place, and we can hand out the puppies in Portland, saving you a huge trip. We won't know until the puppies are 6 to 7 weeks old if we can arrange our schedule to meet in Portland. We will let you know as soon as possible. 

OPTION 3: You can hire us to deliver the puppy to you--a Nanny Service! The cost for a flight nanny is $500 plus, the airline ticket (if you have the airline miles, you can use that) and a hotel room for two nights or three nights if we will be in the air for longer than 4 hours. Additionally, you will need to pay for the cost of the puppy's ticket (we think it is $125 one way) plus the carrier ($50). We arrange to bring the puppy to you, you pick the puppy up at the hotel in your hometown, and we take care of the messy business. We refuse to fly American Airline and would rather not fly United. Both of those airlines make our trip with a puppy VERY difficult. 

Houndful Hearts does not and will not ship puppies. It is a HORRIBLE practice!

Please let us know what option you are leaning toward since we need to make the appropriate plans on our end. 

Margaret and Kyla (541-961-5208)

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