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Week 4 - 6 Weeks Old

Clarification & Reminders

Puppy Parents! 

We can't believe it's almost time! We bet you are excited to meet your new family member. Your puppy is healthy, happy, and ready for his or her next adventure. We want to clarify a few things. If you have any questions, send us an email. 

  • We will have a contract for both of us to sign on the pick-up date. The contract posted in week one is for your records. We will only have the last page at the pick-up. 

  • We accept cash, PayPal, or a check. If you want to pay the balance owing via PayPal. log in to your PayPal account and send the money to FRIENDS AND FAMILY (this way neither of us incurs any added fees) to Houndful Hearts. We will send you a private statement in the next week or so. 

  • We need to have some idea of what time you plan to pick up your puppy. Please email us your intentions so we know and can space everyone out to give you the best, uninterrupted attention possible. 

  • You will need to bring a carrier for your puppy. A sweater is a must. Your puppy will weigh somewhere in the 20-pound range. DO NOT get an extra small or small; get a medium sweater Also, bring a halter or collar, a water dish and a BOTTLE of water, a food bowl, a large tarp or sheet, a few pee-pee pads (your puppy CANNOT walk on the ground outside of your yard for the first 17 weeks of life!), and a toy or two to keep your puppy entertained while you drive (all toys should be run through the dishwasher using water and WHITE vinegar only prior to having your puppy chew on it). 

  • Bring your bottle of Lavender and On Guard. Watch the video below to see how to make the oils. 

  • You do not need to bring a blanket. We will give you back the blanket you sent us; plus, we give you a blanket with our scent on it. UNLESS you are traveling far, then, yes, bring a FEW blankets to keep your puppy comfortable. Keep in mind that your puppy has NEVER been outside, and we don't want your puppy to get cold or chilled AT ALL. Puppies can get the flu. So, keeping your puppy warm, sprayed with On-Guard, and comfortable is a must. We will send home 3 days of food and of NuVet with you. 

  • Your puppy has been raised in a large pack. Your puppy will NEVER have been alone, played alone, or dined without fighting for space. The first couple of weeks is going to be rough for both of you. Get some sleep NOW!

  • You will need to feed your puppy three times a day. At each feeding, give two cups of dry kibble, two large tablespoons of a good, grain-free, corn-free wet food, and one large tablespoon of pumpkin--NOT pumpkin pie from the can, but straight pumpkin from the can. Pumpkin is good for constipation and loose stool. As a rule of thumb, we give ALL our dogs a tablespoon of pumpkin on top of their food every day. Break a NuVet tablet in half (only for the first 4 to 5 months, then a whole tablet) and sprinkle it on top. Now, add a small amount of hot water and mix it all up. Your puppy should gobble it all up.  Watch the video below about this process. Puppies will poop and pee within 15 minutes TOP after eating; so, immediately put your puppy on the wee-wee pad. Moving the pad closer to the door and outside every few days. Puppies' bladders do not mature until they are 6 to 9 months old, so be prepared for lots of accidents. Your puppy should gain a minimum of 2 pounds a week for the first 8 months. These are European Basset Hounds, not Greyhound dogs; therefore, let them pile on the muscle and fat. They will go through skinny periods the first 2 years with growth spurts. We would rather you run through us for any medical the first year. Vets, of course, are super smart and know the general anatomy of all animals. However, WE ARE the experts in European Basset Hounds.

It's a Good Thing!

Over the years, we have found some exceptional "finds" for you and your Basset Hound. We present the following:

  1. Harness/Leash

  2. Microchip (You will need this information in a few weeks. We will be microchipping your puppy, but you need to sign him or her up in your name).

  3. Snoods (These are a clever piece of knit headgear for your dog. Think of a cross between an ear-muff and a scarf. Cute and functional! A snood can be used to keep your puppy's ears from hanging and dragging into the food bowl during mealtime or on the ground during muddy walks.)

  4. Beds (A little spendy, but the best beds EVER!)

  5. Basset Hound Pottery (Amazing pottery and other cool stuff!)

We put good things that we find on the BLOG section of this website. Be sure to read all about eggs!

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