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Bear and Clover (Winnie&Garth Pup)

Week 5 - 7 Weeks Old

General Rules

Making your puppy comfortable and safe is important for everyone. The following are general rules and so will not apply to every puppy, but to most.

  1. TRAVEL. It is our experience that puppies, once in the car or on the plane will sleep the entire 6 to 8 hours home. Remember that this will be one of the first times ever that your puppy has been off our property. You will need a good-fitting sweater to keep your puppy warm. We have found that one person driving and one person holding the puppy are best for everyone. We also like the idea of making a cozy bed for your puppy in a laundry basket. Use the safety belt to secure the basket in the back seat and place your puppy inside. Your puppy will want to be able to see you and will not tolerate a box or other enclosed container.

  2. SUPPLIES. You will need to bring with you a large blanket, tarp, sheet, or towels, and wee wee pads. If your puppy needs to be let out of the car to go potty, your puppy must NOT step on the ground. Bring a ziplock back to place dirty laundry in. 

  3. BOTTLED WATER. For the first few days, while your puppy is transitioning from our home to yours, you will want to stick with bottled water. There is NOTHING worse than traveling with a dog with diarrhea. 

  4. PUPPY TOYS. Anything that squeaks, moves about, or makes noise they love at this age. PLUS, we recommend a 100% natural, NON-rawhide bone or a YAK bone. They love these, and it will entertain the puppies for hours.

  5. BOWLS. A water bowl and a bowl for food are essential. DO NOT USE PLASTIC! Use glass or stainless steel only. Plastic gives off toxins to dogs. We will supply you with 3 days' worth of food to take home, plus 3 days' worth of NuVet. At this age, your puppy has been eating three times a day, two to three cups of kibble mixed with a large tablespoon of wet puppy food and the ALL-IMPORTANT tablespoon of pumpkin. So, that is about six to nine cups of dry kibble, 3/4 can of wet food, and 1/2 can of pumpkin per day. 

  6. OTHER THINGS TO BRING. It is important to bring your On-Guard and your lavender. Also, bring your Balance or Serenity or Petitigrain from Do Terra. These three are the BEST oils for your puppy's transition. (NOTE: You do not need to bring any oils. I will supply you with 3 days' worth.)

  7. INTRODUCE YOUR PUPPY. Google how to introduce your puppy to your current pack. 

  8. CAMERA. Bring a camera to capture important images of you and your puppy.

  9. HUGS AND KISSES. Be prepared for puppy kisses and hugs. 

  10. EXPECTATIONS: Lastly, an especially important note: You and your family, I know, are SUPER excited to have a new family member, a puppy whom you will love and treasure right off the bat and forever. Your puppy is NOT going to feel such towards you. Your puppy is coming from instant playmates, and a bed that he or she has lived in for 10 weeks. Your puppy is going to be depressed, sad, anxious, and tearful. This is a BABY. It is up to you to introduce him or her to your family, to loving arms, snuggles, trust, and rules. Do not fret if your puppy is anxious for the first week. After which, your puppy will LOVE and adore you and will fall into the routine YOU set. Keep your ditgenzen drops handy for diarrhea. Serenity for an anxious puppy, and lavender for sleepy time. 

We will see you soon. Safe travels and many blessings!

Margaret and Kyla

Final Checklist

Here is your final checklist. Even if we have discussed any of this in the past, PLEASE do a quick check-off. Then, when you send your email to me via the link at the bottom of this page, please note that you reviewed the checklist and completed the tasks. 


  1. Named your puppy and sent me the name?

  2. Ordered your NuVet?

  3. Ordered your oils?

  4. Sent a scented baby blanket to us?

  5. Made arrangements to pick up your puppy? If you have, please describe your understanding of the arrangements to us. When picking up your puppy, remember that you should NOT let your puppy travel freely outdoors until he or she is COMPLETELY vaccinated (at 17 weeks plus one more week for good measure). While in the airport, secure a corner, lay down a beach towel, and place the wee wee pad on top of that. Let your puppy do his or her business on the pad, eat on the towel, and get some exercise on the towel. Remember this is a puppy. After 15-minutes of playing, peeing, and drinking water, he or she will be ready to sleep for a few winks. Your puppy can wander in the yard at your home if you are completely secure that all your other pets do not have PARVO (kennel cough). It is deadly for your puppy!

  6. Purchased a travel bag from me? If yes, have you?

  7. Secured a place to keep your puppy safe while you are traveling by car? I recommend a laundry basket. Sitting on the seat next to you so you can give your puppy lots of affirmations. 

  8. Purchased a harness and leash for your puppy?

  9. Stocked up on pumpkin? NOT pumpkin pie canned mixture but just plain canned pumpkin? TRUST US WHEN WE SAY, "PUMPKIN WILL BECOME YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND!"


  1. You will NOT need to bring your oils with you. We will give you a 3-day supply. 

  2. Do you clearly understand that your puppy will need his ears cleaned for life AT LEAST once a week? Do you know how to clean the ears?

  3. We will be having a Zoom class on TUESDAY at 5:30 p.m. to teach you how to use the oils. This will be a quick, 20-minute class. We will send you the link. 

  4. Your puppy should gain NO LESS than one pound a week; ideally, three pounds per week for the first 6 months.  These are EUROPEAN Bassets NOT AMERICAN Bassets. MOST vets are unfamiliar with the care of European Bassets. If your vet tells you your puppy is too fat, QUESTION IT! ASK US! We are here for the life of your puppy. If you live in the Eugene area, we HIGHLY recommend Veneta Vet for your puppy's medical care. 

  5. Once we receive an email from you, we will send you a final invoice. The invoice will clearly state any charges you owe. If we have made an error, PLEASE contact us. Your balance may be paid by PayPal via Friends and Family or via cash. We do not accept credit cards. 

Whew! This is a lot of information. Please ask us questions. For some of you, this is a brand-new experience, and we want this time to be enjoyable for the whole family. 

Margaret and Kyla

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