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Week 6 - 8 Weeks Old

Microchipping with AKC Reunite

We will be microchipping your puppy this week. It is up to you to register this microchip number to AKC Reunite with ALL pertinent information regarding your contact information as well as your puppy information. This will need to be completed prior to you picking up your puppy. If you have ANY difficulties, please email us so we can help. 

This is a two-part operation:

PART 1: As part of your Week 4 tasks, you were asked to set up your account at AKC Reunite

PART 2: Now, you need to go into your account and type in your personal microchip number, which we've sent to you in a private email. 


If you have any difficulties, contact us directly. We will not release your puppy to you until he or she is microchipped. So, be alert and do this as quickly as possible.  

Margaret and Kyla

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