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Basset Hounds are notoriously lazy. that is what a basset does best after all. With the oh so sad basset eyes they always tend to get an extra helping of cookies or treat. All that food, extra cookies, counter surfing (OH THE COUNTER SURFING!) and watching the Price is Right makes them a bit “chunkier” of the breeds. Over the years it has amazed me how many people ask me how in the world I keep my dogs so lean and healthy looking, with shiny coats and NO HIP DISPLACEMENTS. Well it is true that my dogs have shiny coats and are lean, it is also true that I’ve had to put two fosters down due to poor hips (more about that in a minute). I care for my dogs, both the European and the American Fosters like my own children. I don’t watch TV, so neither do my dogs, I only counter surf at Thanksgiving, so I forbid my dogs to counter surf at free will.

I feed all my dogs a good kibble; grain free Nature's Domain by Kirkland, Chicken bone broth, which I make weekly in my crock pot, along with the chicken that I crumble up in my food processor. On occasion, I will add a bit of cottage cheese, or plain yogurt. I also live at the beach, so it is pretty easy for me to take the kids down to the surf line and walk, and walk, and walk. We do on average 4 miles per day and 9 miles on those days when Kyla is home and decides to take them on a LONG hike.

Over the years I’ve noticed with the fosters a higher risk of joint displacement and spine issues. The long bodies and short legs make them prone to back issues. I’ve had to put down 2 due to this debilitating disease that is common in Bassets. When the Vet told me 6- months ago that I needed to put Graceland down, another foster, due to poor hips, I was so mad. I’ve been giving all my kids NuVet for years and I swear by this whole food supplement. It is bioavailable which means the medicine goes to the area of highest need. An example is Baylee, she has had a chronic ear infection for the 5 years I have had her. Since being on the Nuvet Bayle has had no ear infections. I swear by it like I would swear by Insulin for a type 1 diabetic.

So, I called NuVet and asked them why they couldn’t make a supplement for joints. Well, guess what? They do, they have for a while, I just failed to be up on the latest. I ordered the supplement; NuJoint DS and started my kids on the wafer. Gracie is still with us, she walks the 4-miles a day, although I don’t allow her to go on the 9-mile hikes anymore. Not only does the NuJoint protect healthy joints but it REBUILDS cartilage. Rebuilds? Sign me up. All my kids now take the supplement daily along with the NuVet and I have seen firsthand the amazing effects these two supplements have made on all my kids, from young to old. To learn more about NuVet check out my website. If you have any questions about it let me know, and if you have tried it, send me a testimonial. Would love to hear from you on what helps YOUR kids.



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