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7-Weeks. Winnie-Garth Litter August 1, 2017

I can’t believe how big and active the puppies are. Seems like yesterday I could pick up and carry 3 at a time. No more. It’s one by one now. Although the puppies are all within ounces of each other.

Elliot (Green Ribbon) remains the biggest at just about 10 pounds. He is a good-looking dog and will take after his dad in looks. He is extremely laid back, chill and lets the other dogs play with the toys, and run around amuck, Elliot just sits back, takes it all in and yawns. He is the first and last at the food bowl. He eats slowly and enjoys every bite. He is so cute and squishy. Rooster (Red Ribbon) is also a large kid, and like Elliot he is very laid back. He enjoys his own space, rather than sleeping in the dog pile he will find a corner and just sleep the day away. He is quiet and sneaky, and can figure out all the gate systems to keep him contained that I have. I just got finished snuggling with him and I thought he was asleep on my shoulder, until he grabbed ahold of my ear and bit down. YIKES those teeth are razor sharp! I think I have a new piercing.

Burton, also known as Blue Ribbon will fit right into his new home in the Mile-High State. I know I sound redundant, but it’s true, the four boys (including Fred coming up next) are so incredibly laid back and chill. Big, handsome Burton is very playful and inquisitive. He follows Elliot around and mimics him. Burton also likes the girls. He currently is acting like the typical 8-year old by antagonizing the 3-girls until they cry “MERCY”.

Brown Ribbon, or Fred Mystery is, again, laid back. He is more active than the other boys and loves running around the whelping box chewing on toys and peeing EVERYWHERE. He looks more like his Mom, with a longer face. And next to Barnaby is the biggest cry baby, hold me, love me, kiss me, play with me……Get the Picture? He will love his new home in Oregon where he will have kids to play with and chase. His ears are super long but I’m not sure which parent he will take after. Barnaby is without a doubt the loudest of all the boys. He is mostly red/brown with little white and lets his needs be known by baying! It’s so cute, he sits on his haunches nose to the air and bays! He was the very first to bay, at 31/2 weeks of age. We’ve never had a hound bay so early in life. He also is a hyper guy and loves a good game of chase the tail and eat everything on the floor really, really fast. And Henry,

Orange ribbon is the true New Yorker, Sal and Emily will have a great time walking him up and down Broadway……He is a card, he is so sweet and handsome and looks just like Garth! He loves to lay on his back and snore while sleeping, his big round belly pushing out at the seams. He goes with the flow and is a cuddle bug. Actually, all the kids love to be held and snuggled with, well, maybe not Barnaby, he is way too busy trying to figure out what the heck that tail is for! The girls all take after Mom, with that long face and long ears and long body. They are all lean and not food motivated. Which is so unlike any basset hound I’ve ever met! Goldie who will be living in Idaho with Jeannie at Maple Street Bassets is the largest of the girls. She has a perfectly formed round head and lots of red and white.

Goldie tries to climb the whelping box as if to say, “hey, I’m the golden queen let me out NOW!”. Sweet Pea or Clover is headed to Delaware to live with a bunch of rescued Golden Retrievers. She will fit right in to that group of kids. Sweet Pea is so playful and is the smartest in the herd. She can figure out all the puzzles and games thrown at her. She kind of looks like a kitten with the huge round body made of mostly white! She can take the food or leave it but she loves loves loves playing with the other kids in the herd. She is the first one to step up and rile the kids into a fast romp around the whelping box.

And last but not least is Baylee Grace or Fuscia. Baylee Grace is small but deadly. She has no problem ruling the whelping box either by stomping all over the other kids, biting their ears or screaming at them, very loudly. All the kids follow her commands to the letter. Yet in my arms she is sweet and snuggles and loves to be loved and cooed at, She is going to live in Oregon with some other hound dogs and William who just turned 11. Baylee Grace found the right home, I can’t imagine her going to live anywhere else.

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