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Male versus Female Hounds

We for sure want a relaxed spirit....will an only child /boy be possibly more active or feisty or alpha?

Excellent Question. I get this question often enough that I thought I would answer on the BLOG for everyone to consider. There are different circumstances for all dogs, my answer is based on my observation on the Basset Hound packs we’ve had over the past 8-years.

First and foremost, nature plays such a huge piece of the puppy’s spirit. From the hour of birth, we are able to tell if a pup is going to be sassy or ultra-laid back.

Let’s talk specifically about Singleton Puppies: That is where the Mother has given birth to just 1-puppy. This is very rare, but it does happen. In the case of singleton puppies, it doesn’t make any difference if it’s a male or female, that puppy is going to feel complete entitlement. They have never had to fight for the top puppy position, or fight for Mom’s milk, toys or the best spot in the whelping box. Literally everything has been handed over to them. These puppies are usually physically strong and natural alphas. Since limited socialization has taken place the puppy has no need to share. If you bring in a singleton and have no other dogs in the house for him to learn from it is going to be a long road for you in teaching the puppy. It is important that if you adopt a singleton that they are immediately enrolled in puppy socialization classes, taken to the dog park and generally encouraged to play with other dogs.

If you have other dogs in the home, your road to peace will be paved by those other dogs. They will teach the puppy his place and manners. It is important that you allow the older dogs to growl, snarl and demand respect from the puppy. That is not to say let your older pups pick up the puppy in their mouth and chomp down, but that the older dogs be allowed to teach the hound puppy, this usually is ONLY learned from an older dog.

GENERALLY speaking the female puppies are sassier than the males until about 12-months of age, Then the females begin to settle down and become the adorable laid-back gentle spirit that you’ve been wanting. The males are usually laid back and gentle until 12 months of age, then they become excitable teenagers and you have a year to two of “toddlerhood”. After age 12 months, the males START to settle down, by age 3 the male then is chilled out and easier to live with then the females. It’s also very important and VERY helpful to neuter/spay your puppy on time. I like 8-12 months of age or per your Veterinarian's advice.

Puppies are a lot of work. Singleton puppies add to the workload, so you need to be prepared and physically able to not only love your puppy but to put the work into your puppy. Penelope gave birth to a singleton puppy in November of 2017. Penelope’s puppy has come into this world sassy and independent. If I could tell the future I would say this puppy is going to be smart, and independent. He is to young at this point to tell if he will be a snuggler.

It is my strong stance that I never adopt out a puppy to an only dog household and certainly, I would NEVER EVER adopt out a singleton puppy to a 1-dog only household.

Wait…Wait.. hear me out…

The exception is if there is a full time human in the house that can be with the puppy. Remember Basset Hounds are the exception to the rule in the dog world. Basset Hounds crave other dogs more than humans (mostly)They are a pack animal and learn from each other, They do not do well being left alone in a yard/crate all day depending only on themselves.

So, in closing, Nature plays a strong role in if you get a laid-back pup or an independent pup. Males are easier to deal with IN THE LONG RUN than the Females, singleton puppies are MUCH more demanding in the training realm then a pup from a larger litter. Basset Hounds are the exception to all the rules of dog-hood but are far the cuter of the dogs and have so much personality that you forgive them their stubbornness.

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