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Puppies and essential oils. Lately there have been a few questions about the use of the essential oil lavender so thought this might be the perfect time to talk about some of the common issues.

  1. My dog runs for the hills when I bring out the lavender.

  2. Yes!!! Yes!!!!! They will. I have to wrestle Charlotte to the ground if I come anywhere close to her with Lavender. However, this oil serves a great purpose as an anti-histamine. There is no substitute for this oil (being second only to cilantro, if you have a chance to purchase the Cilantro I would highly recommend doing so) if using for allergy response issues especially during vaccine inoculation, or allergy season. Like small children that might need to use something for allergies during allergy season even though they may not like it. Lavender is the equivalent to a drug like Benadryl but without all the side effects.

  3. If you are using Lavender for calming, you can substitute this with many different oils which are listed below in order of preference per most dogs. Dogs are drawn to a stronger woodsy-earthy scent then floral scent.

  4. Cedarwood

  5. Balance (Pancake LOVES this oil)

  6. Petitgrain

  7. Bergamot

  8. Serenity

Remember for calming, anxiety or new situation or anytime you think your dog might need a little bit of peace, you are going to dilute 3-4 drops of lavender or other calming oil into the palm of your hand along with 3-4 drops of coconut oil, rub your palms together like its lotion and then massage it into flaps of the animals ears, Bassets have long ears creating their own natural diffuser. Or, take your roller bottle and swipe it on the inside flap of the ear, back paws and on the top of the dog’s snout. You can reapply every 1-2 hours as needed. Its great for Fireworks time, vet trips, or any new situation!!!!

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