Pecking or PICKING order (it’s all very scientific….LOL)

When we have a healthy litter, we wait until the puppies are 4-weeks old before allowing you to pick what puppy you want for your own. When a puppy lives for the first four weeks, we consider it viable. This means puppy has gotten through the most sensitive time for a newborn. It means the puppy is eating well, gaining weight and thriving. During the first four weeks we upload a weekly video and introduce the puppies to the world. This will allow you a chance to see the puppies and view their coloring, personality, stack and agility.

Let’s say I have 6 people on my waiting list and my dog gives birth to 4 puppies, 3 tri colored females and 1 red and white male. I start by narrowing down what each person has asked for. Customer A wants a tri-colored female, Customer B wants a tri colored female, Customer C wants a red and white male, customer D wants a red and white female and customer E has NO preference. I start by calling the person who has been waiting the LONGEST for a tri colored female first (unless customer E is naturally up next to pick). I call the client telling them they are FIRST to pick their female. In this case, lets assume, Customer A has a big vacation planned and a summer puppy does not fit into their plans. They ask me to keep them on the list for the next litter, so that automatically moves Costumer B to the head of the line. Customer B is having Knee surgery, wants to wait another year, that puts Customer C first in line. Do you see there is NO way I can assure you of what number you are in line? There have been litt