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Pecking or PICKING order (it’s all very scientific….LOL)

When we have a healthy litter, we wait until the puppies are 4-weeks old before allowing you to pick what puppy you want for your own. When a puppy lives for the first four weeks, we consider it viable. This means puppy has gotten through the most sensitive time for a newborn. It means the puppy is eating well, gaining weight and thriving. During the first four weeks we upload a weekly video and introduce the puppies to the world. This will allow you a chance to see the puppies and view their coloring, personality, stack and agility.

Let’s say I have 6 people on my waiting list and my dog gives birth to 4 puppies, 3 tri colored females and 1 red and white male. I start by narrowing down what each person has asked for. Customer A wants a tri-colored female, Customer B wants a tri colored female, Customer C wants a red and white male, customer D wants a red and white female and customer E has NO preference. I start by calling the person who has been waiting the LONGEST for a tri colored female first (unless customer E is naturally up next to pick). I call the client telling them they are FIRST to pick their female. In this case, lets assume, Customer A has a big vacation planned and a summer puppy does not fit into their plans. They ask me to keep them on the list for the next litter, so that automatically moves Costumer B to the head of the line. Customer B is having Knee surgery, wants to wait another year, that puts Customer C first in line. Do you see there is NO way I can assure you of what number you are in line? There have been litters when number 22 on my waiting list has come up first pick.

Another HUGE variable comes when you want what you want and won’t accept any deviation. YOU WANT a 20-pound red and white male with one blue eye and one green eye. The more constrictions you put on the list the longer you may wait. I can tell you its rare (OK, SO ITS NEVER HAPPENED, YET, that we have a dog with different colored eyes). Another variable is if this is your second Houndful Hearts puppy that you are purchasing from me within one year. We LIKE our puppies to have playmates close in age and we have been known to bump those clients ahead a bit, for the sake and good of the puppies.

I can tell you what number you are on the list, but again, there are so many variables that there is no way to assure you what number you will actually “BE” to pick. I also work very closely with Jennie Hibbert of Maple Street Kennels. There are times when we have shared males/females and I have taken people from her waiting/contact list and given them an option of pick of the litter. Jennie is BACK in the saddle and is breeding again, so you may have the opportunity to purchase one of her puppies. I HIGHLY recommend Maple Street Kennels. I know Jennie to be moral, ethical and extremely well versed in EVERYTHING Basset Hound. I feel highly comfortable offering my clients a Jennie Puppy when the opportunity arises. Her puppies cost the same, you fill out the same puppy questioner and jump the same hoops. The only difference between Maple Street Kennels and Houndful Hearts is the blood lines, the integrity is identical.

Houndful Hearts

1026 10th Street

Florence, OR 97439

541-961-5208 Kyla and Maggie Owners

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