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Human Foods: Yay or Nay?

Human Foods: YAH or NAY?

Most Human food is a huge NO NO for dogs, but some can actually be rather healthy in small amounts.


Apples (Seeds and core removed). Apples provide vitamins A, C, plus fiber and antioxidants

Bananas high source of potassium. Potassium controls heart rate and blood pressure

Blueberries POWERHOUSE of antioxidants and packed with fiber Broccoli

Pineapple is rich in bromelain which aids in digestion.

Raspberry/Strawberry rich in anti-inflammatory properties

Avocado (Feed the flesh only NOT the pit). Rich source of Vitamin K, B6, and B5 and C

Carrots: Try frozen carrots for teething puppies

Peaches fresh or frozen are perfect for training puppies

Watermelon (remove seeds and rind) hydrating treat and provides vitamins A, B6, and C plus beneficial lycopene

Spinach Green leafy vegetable that has anti-inflammatory properties and can help support heart health.


Boiled chicken breasts

Boiled potato or white rice

Canned pumpkin (NOT PUMPKIN PIE MIX)

Cooked salmon (NO BONES)

Cottage Cheese

Peanut Butter

Plain cooked Oatmeal

Plain Yogurt

Scrambled eggs

Food dogs should ALWAYS avoid

Chives, onions and garlic


Fatty meats

Grapes or raisins

ANY processed food

How to handle MILD to MODERATE motion sickness

First and foremost, DigestZen from DoTerra. Hands down works miracles for dogs and humans. It comes in soft gel tabs and in an oil base that you rub on the tummy. For both Dogs and Humans this is not for JUST motion sickness it is for ANY stomach upset. It is your first defense and works in a matter of minutes. Next for Motion Sickness is try a small amount of food and fresh air. Give your dog a few gingersnaps to quell his queasiness. (YES, A FEW GINERSNAPS!) Fresh air and a view of the horizon may help minimize car sickness. For severe car sickness, no hope for it, seek out medical advice.

DID YOU KNOW? 10 minutes of Mental Stimulation equals 45 minutes of active play!

Here is an AWESOME inexpensive DIY game for your dogs. What you will need:

A 6-12-cup cake baking tin for regular size cupcakes

6-12 tennis balls

Tasty smelly treats cut into small bites

Place the treat in the bottom of the tin well, then plop the tennis ball on top of the treat. Call your dog over to check it out. You may need to lift one of the balls to show your dog what’s in it for him. Drop the ball back in the well and encourage the dog to lift the ball out to get the treat. Praise him like crazy if puppy is successful. Once your dog is successful up the ante by leaving some of the wells empty.

And Finally, Let’s just take a second and talk about the properties of NuVet again. ALL our re-homed dogs and puppies need to be on NuVet. NuVet is an evidence based cold pressed, holistic vitamin that supplements your dog’s diet of standard kibble. This whole food supplement is vital for Basset Hounds with their heavy stature, and low slung back on little tiny legs.

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