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Calming Spray

From the Beautiful Oregon Coast and Home of Houndful Hearts

Did you know that when you walk in the door with all the stress, news and anxiety of the day weighing you down, your pets are picking up on it? Not only that, but they’re also absorbing it. It’s sad but true.

Did you also know that chronic stress can cause multiple health problems for humans AND animals?

With all the wonderful things our animals do for us...lower our heart rate and blood pressure, love us unconditionally, keep us company when we are feeling down…Wouldn’t you like to have a way to reduce the risk for them or thank them?

Imagine what it would be like to calm both yours and your pet’s nerves at the end of a long day, shaking off the stress together just a few minutes after walking in the door…

Calming Spray

In a 2 oz. spray bottle, combine the following:

20 drops of Lavender

20 drops of Grounding Blend

5 drops of Vetiver

Top off with a carrier oil or your choice.

How to use: Shake the bottle before each use. Spray your pet’s bedding. Then spray your hands, and rub all the way down his back (spine), focusing on the ridge of his spine. Continue to focus on and comfort your animal for 10-15 minutes while the spray takes effect. hope you like this recipe — it’s one of my absolute favorites!!


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