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DigesZen Verses TerraZyme

DigesZen Verses TerraZyme

Hello Puppy Parents, and Happy New Year. I’ve been asked several times to introduce a quick guide for you to help your dog’s bowels. After all the snacks and extra goodies that I’m sure your dogs (and YOU) have consumed over the holidays, their stomachs might be a little (or A LOT) upset. So, when should you use your DigesZen or go for the TerraZyme? On this quick guide I will put the directions for both humans and canines.

DigesZen: Use this when your dog (or you) has diarrhea or constipation. It works much like Pumpkin does (a tablespoon of pumpkin a day keep the diarrhea away). The taste is terrible but thankfully it works super-fast, so rarely do you have to take more than 2 doses. You can give this oil both orally and topically. If the diarrhea is bad put 2-drops every couple of hours in the mouth, also you can use the roller bottle to apply the oil directly onto the belly. DigesZen also comes in pill form and its much easier to get down then the direct oil. One tablet until the dog is 50-lbs, then two tablets. Give every few hours depending on symptoms. Those recipes are for BOTH canine and Human. Now the great thing about DigesZen is that it also gets rid of worms. For canine give 5 drops a day for 7-days. You should worm your dog once a quarter.

TerraZyme: This is a food enzyme that helps your body digest and fully absorb the foods you are consuming. Humans should use this prior to eating a heavy meal or a meal that they know is not going to sit well with them. For example, if you have difficulty processing dairy or grains try taking 2 caps 30 minutes before meals. This comes in pill form only. For a dog under 25-pounds break open a capsule and sprinkle half the capsule on the dog’s food over 25-pounds sprinkle the whole pill on the food. For humans, take one tablet before each meal.

Hope this helps answer the important upset stomach questions, if not please PM your questions.


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