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Is a Basset Hound the right breed for me?

Is a Basset Hound the right breed for me?

Basset Hounds are one of the last true pack canines. ALL dogs like to play and socialize with other dogs, Basset Hounds NEED to socialize with other canines. Basset Hounds are very stubborn and pretty dense, they learn from mimicking another dogs. Houndful Hearts rarely will sell a puppy as an only dog, it simply does not work out well. The humans get frustrated because puppy is growling and biting on the children and or the adults, puppy will not cooperate with potty training, puppy eats the house/car/garden if left unattended…. If you look at the link listed below, you will see what NORMAL adolescent dog behavior looks like. This is how a basset hound will learn the rules of biting, growling, fighting verses playing, where to potty, what to eat…...If you have one basset hound in the family the dog will not understand that he/she is a dog. The dog will think they are a person, and they won’t understand when you correct them, when they do what comes naturally to them, biting, growling, chasing…… The second animal does not have to be a basset hound, but needs to be another dog, any breed, preferably one that is under the age of 6. In the 7-years that I have been breeding basset hounds I have sold ONLY 6-dogs to only dog homes. Only ONCE has it worked out extremely well. The other 6-families have become frustrated. 4 families have returned the puppy, stating that perhaps a Lab is more their speed. It is not a FAILURE on the human part, it is just the nature of a basset hound to NEED another canine.

Let us say you ignore my advice and you do get a lone basset hound in your house. What steps can you take to see success? Number one advise is to get that puppy in doggie day care at least 3-days a week, begin part time and work up to full time ASAP. Set up playdates with other dogs in the family or in the neighborhood at least 4-hours a day. Get a line of credit at the local liquor store. Basset Hounds in general are loyal to other dogs and humans second. It does not seem fair, I know, but that is the nature of a basset hound. European Bassets are MUCH worse at being left alone then American bassets. Ideally, the basset and the other dog should be two-years apart in age.

Please give this advise some deep thought and talk it over with your family. If you would still like to pursue getting one of our puppies, please let me know and we will go forth.



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