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My Furry Friend HATES lavender!

If your hound is like most of my hounds, they loath the smell of Lavender. Although Lavender is the first go to when introducing oils to your pet for calming and serenity, its not the only oil. I would suggest, for calming, you can try Roman Chamomile, Petitgrain (my favorite),cedarwoodVetiver, or Magnolia. If you want to try blends, Peace, Console, or the kids blend Calmer are great. Basically, these oils have “like” chemistry that provide similar calming effects like lavender.

And, as always, you want to try putting this in your diffuser first and in a roller bottle second. If you are going to use the roller bottle, remember to roll down the spine and then massage in for a few minutes. You can also run the bottle between their toes. The recipe depends on the weight of your dog so be sure to ask me for the correct dosage.

This should also be done before any vet visit or vaccinations.

The More You Know!


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