Spaying and Neutering

PLEASE do not spay or neuter your dog at 6-months. For the females, the appropriate time is after the second heat, this is usually at 18-months. Houndful Hearts HIGHLY recommends waiting until 2-months after the second heat cycle. For the males this is usually at 2-years of age. (it is EXTREMELLY difficult to have an intact dog, and most of our puppy parents simply cannot wait that long. SO, I tell them to wait if they can after 15-months of age). According to Dr. Karen Becker and other leading Veterinarians, spaying or neutering a dog before the second heat (for females) increases endocrine disease (the endocrine system includes the sex hormone Testosterone and Estrogen) along with renal disease.

➢ Health Risk of Neutering/Spaying before 18 months

➢ Statistically Significant increase in risk for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) that is prevalent in large breed dogs.

➢ Triples the risk of hypothyroidism.

➢ Increase risk of obesity.

➢ Increase of urinary incontinence also called “early spay incontinence”.

➢ Increase in risk for persistent or recurring UTI.

➢ Increase the risk of orthopedic disorders!