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Spaying and Neutering

PLEASE do not spay or neuter your dog at 6-months. For the females, the appropriate time is after the second heat, this is usually at 18-months. Houndful Hearts HIGHLY recommends waiting until 2-months after the second heat cycle. For the males this is usually at 2-years of age. (it is EXTREMELLY difficult to have an intact dog, and most of our puppy parents simply cannot wait that long. SO, I tell them to wait if they can after 15-months of age). According to Dr. Karen Becker and other leading Veterinarians, spaying or neutering a dog before the second heat (for females) increases endocrine disease (the endocrine system includes the sex hormone Testosterone and Estrogen) along with renal disease.

➢ Health Risk of Neutering/Spaying before 18 months

➢ Statistically Significant increase in risk for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) that is prevalent in large breed dogs.

➢ Triples the risk of hypothyroidism.

➢ Increase risk of obesity.

➢ Increase of urinary incontinence also called “early spay incontinence”.

➢ Increase in risk for persistent or recurring UTI.

➢ Increase the risk of orthopedic disorders!

➢ Increases the risk of progressive geriatric cognitive impairment.

Veterinarians recommend you spay/neuter your pet at 6-months because it’s morally correct, because of the over population of dogs in this country that are abused, abandoned, left in shelters or euthanized but it’s not physically correct for the above reasons and so many more. If you would like more reasons check the World Wide Web or ask me. Don’t forget to ask me about the appropriate oils to use for that delicate stage of puppy teen years.

➢ At this time, your puppy should be taking 1-full NuVet pill per day.

➢ Do not forget about sending me photos via my email for the Calendar. Photos can be silly, or serious and should show the dog close-up and their ears showing.

➢ I have been adding more and more doTerra recipes to my webs site, under blog. If you need a particular recipe for physical or emotional help, PLEASE contact me. I am here for you and your dog for life!


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