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Dogs are one of the few animals we cohabitate with…. Think about it.

Cats live with us…Fish…. Lizards…. pigs…. all different living situations than the canine human relationship.

  1. Is your dog on NuVet? No? please text me and I will help you get back on track. 541-991-9145

  2. Is your kid getting enough exercise and mental stimulation?

  3. Are you loving, snuggling, and kissing on your kid? They crave this.

(Pictured Above: Milo Loved by sister Stella and Pawrents the Paige and Cary. 2years old)

Nobody really knows when the human/dog relationship first began. Archeologists have found dog/human interments dating back 14,000 years. Think about that! Dogs have been with Humans/Humans have been with dogs for an EXCEEDINGLY long time. No longer are dogs grey looking like wolves and weighing in at about 100 pounds. Thanks to humans (or not) we have mixed DNA and blood lines to human satisfaction. We have mixed it to look like our love language. Of course, 14,000 years ago, the relationship was vastly different, Humans kept the dog warm at night and fed it scraps of their kills, dogs in turn helped humans to hunt and protect. What once began as a mutual service-trade-job…...between two entirely different species has become, well……. LOVE. Love rarely touches the reasoning part of a human’s brain (or a dog?????), it touches the dreamy parts, the devoted parts, the parts we often call the heart.

Dogs, in at least the populated parts of the planet, are the most abundant territorial carnivores. There are roughly 900 million dogs living with humans on the planet, about 80 million live right here in the USA (9 right here at Houndful Hearts). Our mutual love is completely irrational. Cats live with us (ummmm, or we live with cats), dogs and humans, we live together, we respect each other, we get in each other’s personal space, we partner. Dogs are invited to attend or be attendants in our weddings for goodness sakes! And can you believe it, canine psychiatry is on the rise with appointments booked months in advance (YES, dogs can be neurotic). Humans and dog learn to speak each other’s language, (you know when your dogs bark is mad, sad, or glad to see you). The smart dogs,(the border collie can learn a command in 9-seconds and can perform the command with 98% accuracy! Want to know how our Basset Hounds fair. Well, um, it takes a hound “well over” 100 times to learn the same command but, not surprisingly, with only a 28% accuracy) I liken a basset Hound to a cat, they do what they want when and how they want and only IF they want. Still, we LOVE our Basset Hounds, and our Basset Hounds love us.

So why am I emailing you these random facts…Well I want you to completely understand why Houndful Hearts is so stringent on making sure our Puppies (the name which is adapted from the French word, poupee, or doll, and of course you know that the European Basset Hound was first bred in France……Just saying) are homed to only the nicest, most intelligent, most LOVING humans we can find. It is also why Houndful Hearts turn away more people from purchasing our puppies then we allow to purchase. Its why Houndful Hearts is so strict on you feeding and caring for your dog once they are in your arms. Its why we insist on ONLY the best food supplements (NuVet), the best food (Purina Pro Plan) and the best first response (DoTerra). It's also why we rarely to ever will sell one of our puppies to an only pet home (why would anyone want to get a dog and leave that dog home alone, ALONE, with no entertainment or socialization, for 6,8,12 hours a day while they go off to work or school or?) Houndful Hearts does not want our puppies “housed”, we want them to live and love with you, their family.

In closing, take your puppy for a walk, take them to the doggie park, feed them a hard-boiled egg every day, give them a NuVet each morning so their coat stays shiny, and their bones stay strong and, on those days,, puppy gets a headache (DO DOGS get headaches?????) pull out the oils and defuse for 5-hours. Mostly, love your puppy as much as they love you.


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